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Ken BrewsterKen "Guy In Charge" Brewster enjoys a quiet smoke while he waits for his new hair to grow in. He tells us he's been watering up there every day.



We have been serving the pipe smoking community on the Web for over ten years.

Please spend a few minutes browsing our site. Our Pirate Pipe is a great place to start, but we hope you will look around at some of other exciting pipes we have to offer.

Please, enjoy your stay and if you are looking for something that you don't see, please let me or my boss know. I will do what I can, or at least ask my boss to help out instead of just standing around looking smug with a pipe in his mug.

Best regards,

Ken Brewster

Ken Brewster, GIC

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The Caribbean Pirate Pipe!

Caribbean Pirate Pipe

The Pirate Pipe

The pipe shown is a replica of the pipes smoked on sailing ships and Pirate Ships too, during the 17th and 18th centuries

This pipe is also known as the Dutch Gouda style pipe

Price: $11.00

Pirate Pipe Options
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Clay Combo
Clay Combo #1 – $26.00
clay pipes

8" English Tavern Pipe and the 4" Elizabethan clay pipe.
Together again in their own clay pipe combination!

Clay Combo # 4 - Buy the combo and save!
2 pipes for $17.00!