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Ken Brewster

Turkish Meeschaums are a plus in any pipe smoker's collection. They don't need breaking in and they don't need trest long between bowls.

Watch the Meerschaum color as you smoke the pipe. This takes a while so don't expect overnight results, but it is well worth the wait.


Meerschaum Pipes Imported from Turkey.

These hand carved Meerschaum pipes are made in Turkey from block Meerschaum and will be a great addition to any pipe smoker's collection.

"When smoked, meerschaum pipes gradually change color, and old meerschaums will turn incremental shades of yellow, orange, red, and amber from the base on up. When prepared for use as a pipe, the natural nodules are first scraped to remove the red earthy matrix, then dried, again scraped and polished with wax. The crudely shaped masses thus prepared are turned and carved, smoothed with glass-paper, heated in wax or stearine, and finally polished with bone-ash, etc.

"Carved Turkish meerschaum products traditionally were made in manufacturing centers such as Vienna. Since the 1970s, though, Turkey has banned the exportation of meerschaum nodules, trying to set up a local meerschaum industry. The once famous manufacturers have therefore disappeared and European pipe producers turned to others sources for their pipes."


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Please check back for more Meerschaums after we have restocked our inventory.